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Fuck a type beat
Whether or not she like me
Here today and gone tomorrow
Been gone the second they light me
Zaza flow
Opera so high
That my lows ain’t stop me
Don’t invite me if
I can’t smoke
Broccoli and
eat you knock kneed
Top three and your top two
Not likely to top me
I’m op-free and
Do not take photos
Unless I’m high please
My team got you hoes
In stronghold no Luca Brasi
Knowing this shit is not sweet
Salt inside like somasi
Hit Cali for a hot week
Hollywood roles of Papi
I play it so well that I think
I’m Carrey in pose of Kaufman
Burying those who doubt me
I carry the torch so often
Wearing the roses
Garden of marigolds for my toxins

Love when she call me toxic
Love don’t affect my conscience 
Deep in love and so I waded
Went underwater and lost it
Demon fighting got Nate’d
But wasn’t one to get boxed in
Fuck your congratulations
The come up been underrated
Niggas looked at my wrapped numbers
Wondering if I made it
While the girl I bought the bag for
Just text me from lil baby
party but not related
Some things are just cool to say
If you fucked with me like you
Say you do why ain’t I in your playlists
Niggas worried bout Spotify
I was thinking I’d probably die
With a whole lot of money but
Never appreciated
Business handled ain’t got a tie
Niggas known I been qualified
A whole lotta running
Never feel I escaped it
Paid homage like Antoine
I been Too chill to sweater
Don’t feel the weather
I dance on track with the realest ever
Message from hoes I don’t want back
But that’s every winter
every one can’t be a winner
They in for a cold December

Hearted gotta live the code
Leave the body in the waters
Like Lanier in Georgia
Going for the reign
what’s the loss
What’s to gain
Whats a boss to a king

Who you want me to be

Stay around
To stay down
2020 won like 8 rounds
In burial grounds
You don’t  really want it
Stay round from me tho
I ain’t never running
My fear was zero
Make that money
Pass that weed smoke
Chem trails up there
Can’t hide my heroes
How high can we go
How high can we go

released December 3, 2020
Produce by Jean Bleu (@jeanbleu_)
Co-Produced by Chaos (@iiichaos)